3 Latest Features of WhatsApp Recently Launched In 2017

3 Best and latest features of WhatsApp recently launched

WhatsApp is coming with some really good features which will be really useful for us. It had a very limited feature in starting. People were using Whats-App for only chatting purpose, which didn’t attract that kind of user base. Later on, it updated new features like video calling, emoji, Jokes, videos, and many other features. Finally, it created interest in users to use it as an addictive app. WhatsApp made so many changes since its launch, that’s the only reason that it’s becoming so popular. WhatsApp has launched few more features which are really useful for us here you can have a quick look on these features.

There are three latest features of WhatsApp which can be really helpful for you.

1. Sharing any file type

Now WhatsApp users can share any kind of file with their contacts, it doesn’t matter if it’s a word file, Android Apk files zip file, Jpeg, XLS or any other kind of file format. WhatsApp users will be able to send up to 100MB files to their contacts while iPhone users can send slightly larger files. For sharing, you need to select the contact, start chat and click on the attachment and you can choose the file which you want to share and send it to that particular contact


2. Bundling up all the images in one

This is also one of the best features WhatsApp introduced this time. Now if you are going to send multiple images to any contact it will be grouped in one bundle inside your chat instead of showing individually. It will only show last five images with the last thumbnail displaying how many additional photos have been sent. This will be really helpful for the people who are part of large groups and get images and videos in bulk. Apart from this now Whats-app will stop compressing photos, allowing your original to remain intact. If you want to see all your videos and images you just need to go to in-camera app.

3. Visual modification to the call screen

WhatsApp has also made changes in video calling screen. Now you don’t need to swipe sideways to answer the call, you just need to swipe it up to answer calls on WhatsApp and the interface looks more polished now.

Apart from these features, there are various improvements for voice and video calls. In the chat section, while typing you can tap and hold to select the text to easily bold, strikethrough, or italicize it. These features will be available only for latest WhatsApp betas, here are the direct links for that. Click here

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