Mad Wavinya storms Nation

Mad Wavinya storms Nation

Last night, former MP Wavinya Ndeti stormed into Nation Newspaper newsroom demanding that the paper write a fake story about her.

Accompanied by her lawyers and reminiscent of the Lucy Kibaki attack of the media house, Wavinya, sources say, threw tantrums demanding that the national paper should mislead Wananchi that she had been cleared to run as a Governor under Wiper despite a case still pending at the Political Parties tribunal.

Earlier in the day, the High Court ruled against her application seeking to terminate the case against Wiper at the tribunal. The case presents evidence of Wavinya rigging the nominations against Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala who has filed the suit. It also shows that despite Wiper only having less than 90,000 members, Wavinya was able to mark an additional 200,000 ballots in her favour, bribe voters and engage in massive electoral malpractices.

Wearing a bluish top, jacket and a dark skirt, Wavinya stormed into the media house, throwing her arms in the air, pointing at shocked journalists and shouting at everyone.

“Huyo mama in mjeuri sana,” a security guard at the Nation said. “Anasema yeye ni mkubwa kuliko sisi na eti anaweza tumaliza.”

“Her lawyer looked confused and as if he had been forced to participate in an act of futility,” a senior scribe who bumped into a frothing Wavinya at the lifts said. “Poor guy was just doing it for the money. His body language was begging for help.”

The newspaper asked Wavinya for evidence to prove her case but even her lawyer admitted they did not have any – she just wanted to have her way and wanted the newspaper to lie. A journalist was tasked to quietly check with the Kiala team and found contradicting evidence to what she was pushing.

Security had already been briefed and central police station alerted because the Mheshimiwa looked desperate and could become violent.

“Nasikia eti anitisha kiti. Na ana hasira nyingi sana,” another security officer who suffered under her tantrums said. “Nilikua nangojea aniguze nimkanyagie chini.”

CCTV video footage of her shocking behavior to be released soon after it has been viewed by management.


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