Microsoft is not supporting Windows phone 8.1 anymore.

By CareerCrazze

Windows Phone 8.1 has come to an end now. Microsoft stopped supporting all the Windows 8.1 phones from July 11, 2017. This news comes from Microsoft’s official support page.  Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 on July 11, 2014, and made a commitment to provide three years of Support. As per a report from AdDuplex estimates that nearly 80 percent of all windows powered phones are still running windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. All these handsets are officially not getting support from Microsoft.


As per a report at the end of 2016 all various windows operating systems combined had a market share of 0.3%. Which is very less in comparison to Android and iOS phones. Everyone is looking forward to have an iPhone or android phone. Microsoft not only released windows phone 8.1 but it also released windows 10 phone as well, with latest features and updates. All these attempt did not help the Microsoft and disappointed the company. The reason was that all these updated features were able to attract very few people towards windows phone.

Windows 10 phone users don’t need to worry, because they will continue to get support for latest updates and patches. If we talk about the current market we don’t see any company is planning to launch windows phone. Even Microsoft is no longer focusing its efforts on Windows for phone. The company is now working on multi-device scenarios and cloud-powered technologies that don’t always involve Windows. Microsoft’s new mobile strategy now appears to involve in making Android and IOS devices better.

Finally as of now we really don’t have any announcements from any company about launching a Windows phone. Furthermore, if you are still using Windows phone 8.1 then  you’ll have to update it to Windows 10. Make sure whether your phone is eligible for update or not then update it. If it is in good condition so you can keep using it till the time this phone is in good condition.

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