Governor Of Machakos and MCC party leader Dr Alfred Mutua

By Herald Reporter.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua will easily be re-elected in August, a new poll shows. The poll, conducted in households in all Machakos administrative locations pegs Dr. Mutua at 66.1 percent while his closet rival, Wiper’s Wavinya Ndeti would get 31.7 percent of the vote in the hotly contested county. Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala, who is running as an independent, would garner a paltry 1.5 percent, the poll shows.

The poll was conducted by a consortium made up of foreign missions and mostly European Institutions interested in African politics and is part of research in 22 counties of interest that include the three Ukambani counties of Machakos, Makueni and Kitui, which are considered strong NASA zones. The polls are been confidentially released to select agencies, business community leaders and a few local and foreign media editors.

The NASA brigade recently toured Machakos and Makueni and have been on a mission to turn the tide, especially in Machakos, to deny the Maendeleo Chap Chap Party leader Governor Mutua of a second term. However, the poll shows that Mutua’s popularity, though slightly dented, is statistically still very high.

The study, conducted between 10 June, 2017 and 15 June, 2017, interviewed household members of 3,105 homes across Machakos county. The results show that even though Wavinya Ndeti has gained some ground, defeating Governor Mutua will not be easy if the current trend holds.

Wavinya Ndeti, embattled Wiper Governor aspirant for Machakos


In terms of the various constituencies (sub-counties), Mutua is strong across the board but Wavinya Ndeti appears to be gaining strength in the populous Mavoko constituency and her home constituency of Kathiani. She is also strong in some pockets of Machakos town constituency but overall Alfred Mutua has the people behind him.

The main Sub-county results are:
Machakos town: Mutua 63%, Ndeti 34%, Others 3%
Matungulu: Mutua 72%, Ndeti 25%, Others 3 %
Kathiani: Mutua 54%, Ndeti 45%, Others 1%
Mavoko: Mutua 58%, Ndeti, 40%, Others 2%
Masinga: Mutua 69%, Ndeti 29%, Others 2%
Mwala: Mutua 75%, Ndeti 24%, Others 1%
Yatta: Mutua 67%, Ndeti 30%, Others 3%
Kangundo 71%, Ndeti 27%, Others 2%

Members of National Assembly:
The Machakos poll also indicated that majority of current elected members of National Assembly would regain their seats.

Mavoko Sub-county: Patrick Makau Kingola of WDMK stands at 38.4%, Kalembe Ndile of Jubilee at 25% and Philip Kilonzo of MCC at 21 %. All other contestants share the rest.

Kangundo Sub-county: Three candidates are popular in Kangundo led by Fabian Muli of Muungano party with 30.8%, followed Titus Nzeki Mativo of MCC with 27.3%, then Rose Wambua of Jubilee party with 19.5% and Kyengo Maweu of WDMK at 14.4%. Other candidates popularity are below 10%.

Kathiani Sub-county: Robert Mbui of WDMK stands unopposed at 75.2% with Franklin Makola of MCC at 22%. Others are below 10%.

Machakos Town Sub-County: Munyaka Victor of Jubilee and Mutisya Urbanus of WDMK are the two popular candidate in Machakos Town. Munyaka leads with 38.7% while Mutisya follows with 35%. New entrant Eng. Kiilu Joel of MCC is at 19.5%. Other candidates’ popularity are below 10%.

Masinga Sub-county: In Masinga, Benson Itwiku Mbai of JP leads with 39.4% followed by Mwalyo Mbithi of WDMK at 36.8%. Other contestants popularity is shared with none above 10%.

Matungulu Sub-county: In Matungulu, Mule Stephen Mutinda of WDMK leads slightly at 37% followed by Nginga Daniel of MCC at 35.8% and Musau Thomas Malinda of Jubilee Party at 15.3% with the rest virtually undecided.

Mwala Sub-County: MCC candidate Musau Vincent is the most popular candidate with 51.4% followed by WDMK candidate Muoki Daniel with 37.9%. There is also high percentage of those who are undecided.

Yatta Sub-county: Charles Kilonzo, an independent candidate, leads with 22.7% followed by James Mutiso of WDMK at 20.4%. Incumbent Francis Mwangangi of CCU is at 16.6%. Yatta stands out with the highest number of MP competitors.

Jackson Kala Musyoka of WDMK is the most preferred for the position of senate (22.3%) followed by Katuku John Mutua of PTP (19.2%), Carlos Henry Kioko of MCC at (17.8% ) and Boniface Mutinda Kabaka of CCU (15.5%). Other competitors were below 10%. Others (1.4%) includes current Senator Johnstonne Muthama. Of importance is the high number (13.8%) who are undecided on who to vote for.

Women Representative:
Kamene Joyce of WDMK is the most preferred candidate with 32.1%. Muthama Agnes of JP is at 22%. Mutinda Francisca of MCC is at 19.8% and incumbent Susan Musyoka who is running as an independent is at 11.7%. A large number of voters are still undecided.

Popular political party:
The most popular political party in Machakos county is WIPER (37.1%) followed by MCC (23.7%), ODM (17.5%) and Jubilee (12.8%). Others are rated at less than 10%.

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