Sylvester Mutune, a political operative deep in Wavinya Ndeti’s Campaign.

By Machakos Herald Reporter, Justus Mutisya.

Sylvester Mutune, a political operative deep in Wavinya Ndeti’s campaign is a man under siege. Many things have been said about him but much stands up. His time in the public office when he served at Machakos County Government and as a close friend to Alfred Mutua. The public has been treated to theatrics and drama but behind the scenes, and if indeed Wavinya and Wiper thinks it is time they brought change to Machakos county, it is important they know who they are in bed with. Sylvestor Mutune was an employee of Machakos county in 2013-2014.

Due to him being close to the Governor  he took advantage of this and was caught in a corruption scandal. He swindled public money without remorse and he was promptly fired. Mutune had crafted a conduit in which he was drawing two salaries from the Government of Machakos. Given his position you can imagine the amount of money he had by the end of every month. This had gone on unnoticed for a long time.

Sylvester had built quite an enormous network while woking for the Governor Dr Alfred Mutua in Machakos, he used this network to get a job in in Embu County as press secretary to Hon Wambora, the Governor of Embu.

He stayed quiet and working for a while until his greed couldn’t hold anymore.

Sylvester Mutune was caught AGAIN with a corruption scandal from Embu and was chased like the thug he is from Embu County Government.

EACC should actually have gone for the head of such characters masquerading and always waiting to bounce on public coffers to steal and loot from unsuspecting Kenyans.

Now Sylvester is back to Machakos County but this time round deep in Wavinya Ndeti’s campaign Team.

The Herald Team is sending a question to the Wavinya Team. Wavinya should explain to the Public why she is surrounding herself with known thieves! Unless we know and take heed of the proverbial saying: show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Is Wanyina Ndeti aware that she is in bed with a known crook wanted by anticorruption Agency in Kenya?

With her past escapades (Wavinya Ndeti) of stealing from her clients in her land company and now her press secretary being such an accomplished thief, Machakos Residents need to ask themselves hard questions.

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