Transcend Media Group
Transcend Media Group

Photo: Transcend Media website showing Michael Njeru chairman, far right in black blazer

The story of Transcend Media Group and the public money need to told! Separately in details! TMG is the fastest growing Media and Advertising Agency in Kenya. I know I got you there! That is one big fat lie! Yes it is growing at the expense of Kenyan tax-payers money! Maybe yes or no, time will perfectly tell. We delved in to archives to understand the tenets of growth of a business and indeed as they may say, Transcend is growing but its growth is not a business growth. There have been much media reports on this company but no one has ever bothered to delve into the archives and question its growth. Well we did. We found out that Transcend Media group might be an organized syndicate of persons, organized into formal structure busy siphoning money from the public coffers, what The Nation News Paper referred to as “amorphous consultancies with a new trend for stealing taxpayer billions.”

The truth is painful and hurts. We set out for a mission and we connected the dots for you. Let us now dissect what Transcend Media Group stands for.

The chairman of Transcend Media group is Michael Njeru, the man with the most dubious business record as exposed in this article (http://www.kenyan-post.com/2016/05/michael-njeru-exposed-mysterious-man_34.html …). Transcend Media Group can be traced to whereabouts in 2012-2013 period when they first received their first government tender at the IEBC. Transcend Media Group was charged with creation and commercialization of TV commercials for the IEBC some of them can be seen at Social Buzz at usabuzz.net. Our interest does not lie in how they did their job but how they came about to acquire the tender. You see, it beats logic how a company formed with a year can have capacity to even run a countrywide campaign for such a big government agency is subject to our investigation.

In September 2014 Transcend Media Group resorted to suing the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for allegedly failing to honour a Sh198,787,892 bill accrued from running adverts on its behalf during 2013 General Elections.

Subsequently IEBC denied responsibility for the money, arguing that it did not enter into any contract with Transcend Media, but was a third party beneficiary of a deal struck between the petitioner and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on February 2013. The question the arises, was this deal above board? We will find out soonest.

Thieving started at IEBC when Transcend maliciously obtained the IEBC tender through the back door.

Transcend Media Group started accusing the IEBC of reneging on paying for publicity services offered to the commission including buying space in the media for the publication of all polling stations and presidential results.

Lady Justice Roselyne Aburili declined an application by Transcend to strike out IEBC’s statement of defence . IEBC’s senior legal officer Moses Kipkogei said in a sworn statement that Transcend had misconstrued that a letter of February 18, 2013 had created a contract with the commission.

We have established that TRANSCEND MEDIA GROUP some of the work it does is charged at extortionist rates disproportionate to the work done, it has been paid millions of shillings for doing nothing beyond colluding with rogue State officials to dream up phantom jobs.

Questions exists on how TRANSCEND MEDIA group acquired the lucrative tenders at the NYS during Anne Waiguru tenure at the ministry of devolution. We can authoritatively confirm that these tenders at NYS did not just come out of the blues but through a well-orchestrated web that is deeply rooted in the Transcend Media Group Management. Apparently we have been able to establish that Tony Gatheca (CEO and co-founder Transcend Media Group) has a blood sister called Winnie Wambugu.

Winnie Wambugu was at some point a close friend and advisor to Anne Waiguru. This explains why the multiple highly priced multimillion tenders were awarded to Transcend Media Group.


Winnie wambugu’ Linkedin Profile

Ms Waiguru, who resigned last November and is under investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over the loss of Sh791 million at NYS, is said to have hired advisers and consultants to work in her office for roles that could be performed by civil servants.

The Devolution ministry had also retained public relations companies as media advisers, including Transcend Media Group (TMG).

Transcend Media Group, for instance, received Sh49.6 million in May 2015 “in respect of event concept cost for hosting Kibera Youth Empowerment Programme” – a presidential function that lasted only a few hours. Mind you there is always a presidential budget for this.

The same company was paid Sh7.9 million for publicity and roll-out of NYS re-branding and Sh48.9 million for delivery of an interim report on consultancy on NYS rebrand contract.

In January 2015, Transcend Media Group was also paid Sh71.2 million for “publicity roll-out of National Youth Service Re-branding” and “implementation of NYS media flighting” and a further Sh32.6 million “for offering consultancy services for the rebranding of NYS.”

Documents indicate that Transcend Media Group, which is also offered many other services to the ministry of devolution, was paid Sh49.6 million for “event concept cost for hosting Kibera Youth Empowerment Programme”. This included organising the evening event to launch a street lighting project on December 11 last year that was attended by the President, Deputy President William Ruto and Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.

The event lasted from about 5 pm to 10.30 pm on the eve of Jamhuri Day at the DC grounds in the expansive slum.

There were about a dozen tents, two platforms — one for the President’s entourage and the other for guests. Entertainment was largely sourced from groups in the slums although some national artistes like gospel singers Gloria Muliro and Bahati also performed.

Well a cool ksh.50million for only 5hours! Is Ok! Transcend Media Group is indeed a growing business

It is important to note that another company was Alpha Mercantile which supplied plastic water tank and sugar. The payments were Sh6.7 million and Sh7.5 million in that order. The company was registered in December 2013 under the ownership of Njeru Mucheru, Simon Migwi and Dainah Wanjiru. So if you think we are hitting at TMG think twice.

These incidents point to abuse of consultancy in government with the perpetrators using it to cover up their financial greed. Transcend Media Group used Winnie Wambugu a personal friend to Anne Waiguru to loot the public coffers. Nothing is further from truth that makes this TMG a briefcase consultant hell bent on sucking blood our of Kenyan tax payers. TGM forms the category of the super-paid public servants largely made of campaign financiers and political loyalists, and close family members of the people in power.

Tonny Gatheca CEO Transcend Media Group

Meanwhile it is important to mention here that CEO and co-founder Tony Gatheca’s uncle Mr Wanjiki Muchemi was a solicitor General in the Kibaki Government. Keep in Mind that during the same period of the grand coalition Government Michael Njeru was the errand boy for Raila Odinga. This exclusively explains why the duo could land lucrative Government tenders from both sides of the coalition. Michael Njeru is the chairman of the Transcend Media Group.

Among other Government tenders that Transcend Media Group acquired dubiously include the current tender at Kenya Power that many people across board feel that it wasn’t acquired in accordance to procedure. The Current Kenya Power MD is facing a case in court over several malpractices at the company.

Further we noticed that Transcend Media group led by its chairman Michael Njeru conspired with KPMG to fight and dislodge Safaricom CEO out of office after losing several tenders at Safaricom tendering process. The bitter Michael Njeru has solicited services of Bloggers bitter with safaricom to fight Safaricom and other rival firms including Scanad. Michael Njeru has sponsored a motion in Parliament seeking to look into the tendering process in Safaricom. Further, Transcend Media Group has even sponsored protests in UK to paint the tendering process at Safaricom look dubious especially after they lost their bid. We will bring you more in depth analysis of this story later.

Important to note is that the creative Director of Transcend Media Group KJ John Kiarie who had run for a political seat and also a close ally of Raila Odinga.

KJJohn Kiarie, KJ

Transcend is not your normal business firm. It is a business built by dubious Government tenders, with guys well connected, siphoning millions from the tax payer to pay a few individuals who would later look as business moguls. This narrative has as well been furthered by our media who can even read between the lines. Our media should have been able to connect the dots between Michael Njeru’s association with Raila Odinga and the tenders and scandals that riddled Odinga as well as Tony’s uncle Muchemi who was the solicitor General in Kibaki Government. I have not even mentioned how the media could not even establish a link Wambugu Winnie and Transcend Media GROUP.

Transcend Media Group remains that. A company runs on dubious business deals by dubious business men siphoning millions from the tax payer! Even as we delve in to telling the story of this entity there are so many reservations online even from leading journalists like Oliver Mathenge.

This article first appeared on Daily post.


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