We want our girl back…family of Enugu Prince demands, Wavinya in trouble

By Emmanuel Mutua

The Kenyan Herald learnt that the father of the price from Enugu state who was buried in Kenya recently has asked his in-laws to send his son’s wife, Wavinya Ndeti, back to Nigeria. The Nigerian Bulletin, a weekly online site for news has reported.

Nigerian news site, NigerianBulletin.com

The family of the Prince of Enugu have asked their in-laws, Hon Wavinya’s family to comply with customs that dictate that their daughter that they paid full dowry for go home and fulfil her customary duties as a wife to their prince.
“Although our son is deceased, we’re concerned that our daughter has abandoned her home. She does not call,or visit.It is as if we never existed.We keep wondering if she really loved our son or did she use him for success ritual” a representative of the palace complained. Wavinya Ndeti was married to a Nigerian Prince who recently passed away.

Meanwhile  Sources from the Wavinya camp are reporting some bizzare behaviour by the former legislator.
The sources say she is extremely uncomfortable with wearing certain clothes that may expose her tummy section because of a scar on her side.

Wavinya Ndeti, Wiper Governor aspirant for Machakos

Rumors are rife that the scar she got from her period as a substance peddler and now the lady who is keen to win the hearts of female and youth voters is afraid such secrets might affect her chances of being a leader in Machakos.
For the Machakos People, the fear should be the possibility of introducing the same business once she gets to office since a Governor’s convoy is not subject to road checks.

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