How Wavinya Ndeti defrauds her siblings. Story told in Machakos!

By Herald Team, Machakos


Our Kenyan Herald Machakos county reporter was eager to know why Majority of Machakos county residents deeply resent Wavinya Ndeti. Much has been said but there is one particular fact that hit the airwaves that is whispered albeit silently among the residents. On the streets, along the corridors, into the deep of the night, whispered.

We wanted to know the facts and truth of this matter. Peter Nzuki Ndeti was a rich man. He was a revered man in Machakos and beyond. He had sons and daughters among them Wavinya Ndeti. Wavinya is the last born in a family of 10. Apparently the fact that she has been able to inherit most of the late Mzee’s estate while older brothers and sisters watch in consternation has left many people with many unanswered questions.

In an African setting, it is clear that Older siblings most of the time would have a better inheritance and sometimes equal to all other siblings.

The Kamba people have been puzzled by this family’s turn of events and this has been a source of theories and stories to justify why she grabbed nearly everything from the estate of her late dad, while the rest of the family members remain languishing in poverty

In Machakos County a story is told that when her dad (Wavinya Ndeti) died, she cut his thumb and kept it safe in a freezer for preservation. Wavinya Ndeti allegedly has been using the thumb to transfer property documents to herself. This explains why she has inherited most of her dad’s property to the surprise of many Kambas, who largely still believe in the traditional African Heritage values. Wavinya would allegedly use the thumb where it is needed then safe keep the thumb in a well-kept freezer in her residence.


Story told in Machakos

If this story is true or not, one fact remains, this act is ungodly and un-african within all standards. Anyone who perpetrates such acts must ultimately be condemned

Another version of the story is told. When Wavinya Ndeti’s dad died, she made fake transfer documents and then made sure his thumb print was appended on the documents before he was buried. This made sure that she inherited most of her dad’s property and the rest of the siblings went hanging.

We could not immediately verify these stories but somehow she inherited most of her father’s properties despite her being the last born girl and with much older brothers. This has caused a lot of suspicion among family members, the bitter rivalry sometimes playing into the public limelight. The people of Machakos have been left wondering.


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    Hahaha…really?kwanza the part where she preserves her late dad’s thumb?i think this is just political defamation but as Kenyans tumezoea…wacha apewe kiti!

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