Wavinya Ndeti snubs yet again another Machakos Debate with her rival Dr Alfred Mutua

Wavinya on snub spree of Machakos debates.

By Analyst S.K Muluka


Wavinya Ndeti, Wiper Governor aspirant for Machakos

A letter has emerged that Wavinya Ndeti has written to KTN Television detailing why should would not be attending a debate organized by KTN and scheduled for 19/7/2017. Wavinya in her wisdom first acknowledges the importance of the debates for the people of machakos then goes ahead to to cite a ” preparing my manifesto” as her reason to snub a 40 minutes debate with her foremost and arch rival Governor Alfred Mutua.

Wavinya Ndeti has emerged a  weak Candidate who can not take head on Governor Alfred Mutua. Ndeti, who as well snubbed the Citizen Tv debate, did not give any reason as to why she snubbed the debate though a photo has emerged Wavinya taking alcohol in supposedly a club during the debate. Whereas the reasons for today’s actions seem far fetched and flimsy, it leaves alot to be desired as the people of Machakos await for the opportunity to gauge her against her rival who seems to command a majority of the vote base.

Wavinya Ndeti, according to many political pundits is a weak candidate riding on the wiper wave and her appearances in public against her accomplished opponent, Alfred Mutua, might completely obliterate her and it is to her best interest to hide as much as possible, not expose his incompetence. This is in the hopes elections arrive fast and Machakos people vote in the ‘wiper wave’.

Wavinya’s Letter to KTN

Machakos currently is a battle ground and is no longer Wiper strong hold as perceived by many. The only Counties that Wiper has maintained a strong grip is Makueni and Kitui. It is up to the people of Machakos to decide who they want between a woman who cant face her opponents and a candidate who looks up to every opportunity to explain his plans to the people. These are signs of a leader who is not open to scrutiny. Leaders must face the people and account without fear.

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  • Ngula abra'

    July 19, 2017 at 8:41 pm Reply

    Debates are good.but i don’t think it can make her popular.She lost alot of time in court so she is busy populaising herself to the machakos residents.#yaliyondwelesipite.

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