By Vincent Osiemo

I always cry for my country,Kenya, whenever I hear about a scandal. I have never seen a day pass with us having that ‘Scandaless peace’. Sometimes I think that Kenya is cursed with all these politicians whether we adore them or not.

For instance we can talk about our dear President. It’s not a bad thing to be travelling all over the world to close deals that helps you dear country. I am very sure it is for the interest of our country and its citizens. The problem arises when you find out that the number of people travelling with him is just very discouraging to the economy of our country. Trust me, all these ‘delegates’ accompanying the president, whose number goes up to 20, are not traveling on their own pockets. They cost the tax payers a lot of money in form of traveling allowances and accommodation. The President should listen to the critics and grievances from the opposition and Kenyans to reduce the number of people that accompany his to foreign states.

Now lets get down to the main reason I am writing this blog. Just the other day we saw the opposition ‘win’ the fight to get Mrs. Anne waiguru resign. To be sincere, I never saw that coming. Anne waiguru seemed like she was standing on her terms of ‘I won’t resign’ but we were surprised to see it happen. If you had noticed, the oppositions had made the waiguru misdoings their main agenda when the appeared in front of a camera. We were always treated to frequent unnecessary press conferences from the likes of our former PM. Mr. Raila Amollo Odinga and his followers, Moses Wetangula and Kalonzo Musyoka. Before each press conference we always knew exactly what they were going to talk about. We never expected something new from them whatsoever.

The NYS saga was what they were holding on to so that they can at least be in front of the cameras and not to lose their ‘airtime’ to be relevant as they wait for the 2017 General elections. As we all knew, we were fed with a lot of theories about Madam Waiguru’s involvement in the NYS saga without focusing on the exact people who dealt with procurement in the Devolution ministry and the NYS initiative as a whole.

I couldn’t imagine the panic on the faces of the opposition when their agenda was taken away. They had exactly one day to come up with another agenda that will buy them time till the 2017 general elections. Three days later we saw them start questioning why the president was going out of the country frequently. Ironically, the same people asking about all these visitations out of the state, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka had more of those ‘Unnecessary travels’ in the previous regimes as the Prime Minister and the Vice President respectively. When we compared and contrast these claims, they shifted their fight to fighting corruption.

One funny thing about Kenyan politicians is that they tend to see other people’s wrongs but never concentrate on their own. For instance, Moses Wetangula is never entitled to be called a corruption fighter. The same guy was involved in the misappropriation of up to $15 Million (Ksh. 1.2 billion) while he was the boss in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Investigations indicated that Moses Wetangula misled the committee that was overlooking the scam which cited him for gross misconduct. After all that had calmed down, Wetangula got himself in another scandal. This time he was involved in a Ksh. 840 million sale of an Oil block in Turkana which he admitted that his law firm was directly involved in the saga. Lets not also forget that he is to be aligned in court to answer cases of corruption in the last general elections but we still blindly follow such politicians.

Mr. Raila Odinga’s partners both have some corruption cases pending but politics has closed his eyes and he starts fighting the corruption outside his ‘house’. When every Kenyan who understands how things go on out here listens to Mr. Odinga, all that comes in mind is “Really, are you sure you are fighting for Kenyans or just fighting for yourself”

All in all, 2017 is coming, lets make the right decision.