10 of The World’s Heaviest Football Defeats After Spain Beat Germany 6-0

On Tuesday night, Germany suffered their worst defeat in 89 years as they were thumbed 6-0 by Spain.

But overtime, there have been instances where international football has given fans something to smile about.

Here is a list of 10 heaviest defeats to ever be recorded in the history of football.

  1. Yugoslavia 7-0 Faroe Islands 

Yugoslavia looked a formidable outfit ahead of Euro 1992 and eased to a 7-0 win over Faroe Islands.

  1. Portugal 7-0 North Korea

According to reports at the time, North Korea would only show any of their World Cup 2010 games on TV if they won. Not sure this was what football fans expected to see.

8. Germany 8-0 Saudi Arabia

This is the biggest win by a German team in the World Cup and it happened in 2002. Miroslav Klose scored a hat trick in the game.

7. Spain 9-0 Austria

Real Madrid legend Raul scored four goals back in 1999 when Spain made light work of Austria in Euro qualifying.

6. Germany 13-0 San Marino

Lukas Podolski scored four goals in 2006 as Germany smashed San Marino.

5. Brazil 14-0 Nicaragua

In 1975, Brazil This was obviously a horrible mismatch at the Pan America Games in 1975.

4. USA Women 13-0 Thailand

The USA team in 2019 humiliated Thailand team at the Women’s World Cup.

3. Spain 1-5 Netherlands

At the 2014 World Cup, Spain were the reigning world champions but were no match for flying Dutchman Robin van Persie and a prime Arjen Robben, both of whom scored braces.

2. Australia 31–0 American Samoa

This is the biggest margin of victory in the history of international football.

1. Brazil 1-7 Germany

This was Brazil’s heaviest embarrassment in their history as Germany knocked them out of the 2014 World Cup semi-finals at their home turf.



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