17-year old cries for justice after chief’s brother assaulted her

A 17 year old girl who is also student at Rioma Secondary School, is crying for justice after a man repeatedly assaulted her on the breasts sending her to hospital.

This happened at Nyamariba Village, Sensi ward in Kisii County.

The father of the girl has reported the incidence to the area chief Tom Monari, who has refused to comment on the issue since “he was not there when it happened”.

“When I explained to the chief, he said that he was not there when the incident happened and therefore he cannot comment (take action) over the same,” the father told.

The father went to Rioma Police Station to report the incident where he was asked to go to hospital to fill form B3.

When the case was taken to court, no audience was allowed and the case was dismissed. The minor says that there was no judge when the case was dismissed, and her file was not opened.

Family members say that before going to court the girl was threatened by the police.

According to the family,the case was bungled since the man who beat the girl is the brother to the area chief.

Efforts to talk to the chief bore no fruits as he said that the case ended and he wouldn’t comment the same.

The family of the girl is now crying for help, to enable their girl get justice.

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