2,000,000 HIV Positive Kenyans Go Without ARVs For 4 Months

At least two million Kenyans who rely on antiretroviral drugs from public hospitals in Kenya have gone without the drug for at least four months now.

There is an acute shortage of ARVs in public hospitals and now millions of Kenyans living with HIV and AIDS are at risk. Those in charge have remained mute about the issue.

There is an increasing concern about expectant mothers living with the virus and who rely on ARV to reduce the risk of the mother-to-child transmission.

Many patients have been forced to buy the drug from private health facilities at high prices while those who cannot afford it due to poverty opting to go without the drug.

At the same time, all public health facilities across the country have been without Cotrimoxazole (Septrin) for seven months.

Septrin is a drug used in anti-retroviral therapy and it is a combination antibiotic that fights opportunistic infections.

Three of the most crucial drugs — Zidovudine/Lamivudine (AZT/3TC) FDC (60/30mg) tablets, Ritonavir 100mg oral powder, and Cotrimoxazole 960mg tablets (septrin) — had run out of stock since four months ago.

As Kenyans living with HIV and AIDS continue to suffer while facing an unknown future, the body mandated with procuring their drugs is busy being hit by one scandal after another.

The shortage of ARVs in public hospitals might seem like a small thing at the moment but it is a bomb that will soon explode and set to affect both current and future generations.

For patients who have gone without the drug for four months, their body immune system has surely been affected and are now prone to other infections that are often more dangerous than HIV itself.

For expectant mothers who have gone without using the drugs, chances of them infecting their babies during birth are high and that is surely going to affect future generations.

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