We have posted this email from the concerned Kenyan to bring out the first hand experience of what actually transpired at St Mary’s Hospital. Cardinal John Njue must be ashamed and condemned. We have removed the identity of the person for the obvious reasons. Read and share.


“Hello Lord Mutai

The embattled priest Fr William Charles Fryda had left Nazareth hospital by the time he set out to use his own money to start the hospital. He bought the land in question with his own money. Before his purchase, the land was idle grazing land for cows. Void of much use.A certain man (even listed in some court cases having appeared as a witness on behalf of the priest visited the hospital in Nairobi and having seen how much the hospital was commited to providing the best healthcare at very affordable rates as its target was the low income earners donated his land in Elementaita to have the hospital get constructed. Both hospitals were built through donor funding by well wishers in (USA & Europe) with initial purchase of land and start up cash from Mr Fryda. He was given the land on which the Elementaita hospital is built on, free of charge.
Since he was a foreigner at the moment back then he wasn’t allowed by law to start up anything hence he sought the Assumption sisters as trustees. The owner of the land has on so many occasions offered the Assumption sisters alternative land to stop the tussle. They wanted to build a university the current Regina Pacis University College on the Elementaita land. He offered them 100 acres free of charge as well back then where they would set it up and leave the priest be. They refused and insisted on the hospital.
The then cardinal was Mr Ndingi Mwana Nzeki, were it that he were of sound mind as of now,he would affirm everything unfortunately that’s a long shot as he has gracefully aged.
The case has been on for a while. They have frustrated the priest fondly referred to as Bill by those he works with. He has been attacked twice by goons in a bid to scare him to give in. They revoked his right to practice priesthood as well but he has kept his leniency. He has always urged for cooperation and sanity by the sisters in handling of the matter despite having been pushed to the edge needlessly just because of the greed of known grabbers who clearly enjoy the protection of powerful, influencial people.
This is a man of God that offered to help. He has educated orphans who live and school within the compound of the Langata branch. He has educated children of his staff. He has provided all basic needs for those orphans. He has given housing to his staff. He has helped so many people and this is the thanks he gets. A slap in the face. (This particular bit here is private information : The powerful people behind this have even ensured that they have frozen the Priest’s accounts and assets which i feel they may grab as well)
There have been physical altercations. The Assumption Sisters Nrb has on two occasions raided the hospital with goons carrying guns, steel,knives amongst other crude weapons. The first time they were countered by staff and patients and overpowered. The police arrested the goons who invaded on 2/11/2017 but were released and the charges dropped. They broke and damaged property and made away with cash. The most recent attack being yesterday as from 6Am. A different lot of goons beat up former staff of St Mary’s who were on night duty. They chased away patients after beating some of them, then discharged the rest. Police watched as the goons roughed up and threatened the staff who watched helplessly a the injustice unfolded infront of their eyes. The goons threatened to rape female staff to teach them a lesson infront of cops who are supposed to uphold the law. The staff who were housed within the hospital compound were ordered to vacate the houses last night with the main target being the directors.They were hounded out last night with the rest of the staff leaving today morning though some had left last night for fear of impending attacks by people hired by the take over team i.e the nuns and cardinal Njue. All former staff were fired and chased as the new team came with their team of ‘professionals’ who were even unable to do crucial medical practices and provide urgent services. It is very unfortunate that this impunity is winning. Mnyonge kweli hana haki. Kenya ina wenyewe as people say. This is outright theft. Corruption at its best.
The case may be appealed but as it is unless there is public outrage, unless there are people willing to speak out, willing to condemn the cardinal and his lot of crooks in the name of nuns, unless we have activists, civil rights group, lawyers who will want to be enjoined, ordinary Kenyans and even influencial people like yourself, then it is all going to go to waste. They will succeed in stealing it and several people will be unable to afford the hospital bills as the new team wants to hike them exceedingly. All in all we live to fight another day.
God bless.”