By a Concerned Citizen


“Why is Fisheries Kenya secretly issuing fishing licenses to foreign vessel owners to continue exploiting our waters without any tangible benefits to the country?” a disgruntled citizen has lamented. The citizen who works at the Kenya Fisheries declined to be named for obvious purposes has expressed frustration and dissatisfaction on the ongoing affairs at the state department of fisheries.

Kenyan Herald has learnt that despite the Kenya Fisheries Management and Development Act 2016 aim to enhance wealth creation and job opportunity for Kenyans it is business as usual at Fisheries Kenya who continue to grant the private licenses without first giving opportunities to Kenyan companies.

“The issuing of these fishing licenses to foreigners by Fisheries Kenya also goes against the promises in the jubilee manifesto on promoting blue economy” the email read continued.

“No advantages have been created or given to local Kenyan entrepreneurs to engage in deep sea fishing by Fisheries Kenya. There exists no real opportunity for Kenyans to form joint ventures when foreigners can fish freely by simply paying a token licence fee.

Why are these fishing agreements shrouded in secrecy? CS Willy Bett must come out in the open and tell Kenyans to whom they have issued these licences. This lack of transparency and deliberate attempt to leave the public in the dark is troubling

 Common practice around the world is that all fishing activities in a country’s waters must include local partnerships. In fact many counties now insist that all foreign fishing vessels must reflag and be registered under local laws. Why is CS Willy Bett still licensing foreign vessels?

Why is Kenya carefully negotiating a Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement with the EU yet @FisheriesKenya continues to license the same EU vessels under private and direct agreements under which the vessels are less regulated and have little oversight?”

Some of these vessels are:

  1.      IZURDIA
  1.      DONIENE-
  1.      ELAI ALAI
  1.      ALAKRANA
  1.      TXORI ARGI
  1.      TXORI GORRI
  1.      ITSAS TXORI



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