A Nairobi and Eldoret based lawyer, Ham Lagat, may soon find himself sharing a cell with hardened criminals at Kamiti prison after the Chief Justice, the Law Society of Kenya and CID were served petitions to deal with him.

In what reads like a soap opera, this is a new twist in the petition filed against Governor Alfred Mutua’s victory as Governor of Machakos by Hon. Wavinya Ndeti.


In the ongoing Petition in Machakos Number 1 of 2017 by Wavinya Ndeti against Gov. Alfred Mutua, a letter by Ham Lagat, the lawyer who is supposed to have commissioned Wavinya’s documents was presented in court. The letter and an affidavit by Ham Lagat was commissioned by lawyer Laichena Mugambi and in them, Ham Lagat said he never commissioned the petition’s documents.

Thereafter, it was established that Hon. Ndeti’s affidavits had over seven signatures and various stamps all supposedly by Ham Lagat. Lagat’s Affidavit would mean Wavinya’s case would collapse.

The judge ordered that the parties bring Ham Lagat to court.

Then Ham Lagat did a disappearing act only to surface in Machakos in a helicopter and as Hon. Wavinya Ndeti’s witness.

When Wavinya brought him to court on Monday Dec. 11th, 2017 Ham Lagat said the docs commissioned by Laichena Mugambi were a forgery. He said he had never met Laichena and was in Nairobi on the day of commissioning – Sept 05th, 2017.

The presiding Judge Aggrey Muchelule then shocked everyone by refusing Dr. Mutua’s lawyers from  presenting evidence to show that Ham Lagat was misleading the court and lying under oath.


Lawyer Laichena Mugambi, who Ham Lagat said he had never met and who he accused of forging the documents, has now written a petition to Chief Justice Maraga and the Law Society in Kenya with evidence proving Ham Lagat lies. Laichena Mugambi has also reported to the CID for investigation, arrest and prosecution of Ham Lagat.


As part of the evidence now before “No nonsense” Chief Justice Maraga are:

  1. Data records of Ham Lagat’s phone showing he was in Eldoret on 4th, 5th and 6th of September, 2017 yet he claims he was in Nairobi on Sept. 5th.
  1. CID FORENSICS SIGNATURE REPORT showing that Ham Lagat did not sign the affidavits. The expert opinion shows that it was Ham Lagat who signed the affidavit saying he never commissioned Wavinya’s affidavits but different persons signed Wavinya’s documents.
  1. Video evidence showing Ham Lagat with Laichena Mugambi yet he said in court they had never met.

As a result, it now seems that Ham Lagat’s career is over. With this kind of expose and evidence, in a few months’ time, he will exchange his comfortable bed in upmarket Kileleshwa to a hard floor and mattress at Kamiti. Some of his friends who did not want to be quoted have said that he is now swimming in a lot of cash. An Eldama Ravine land agent has confirmed that Ham Lagat accompanied by a Mr. Kiprono approached him late last week about the purchase of expensive prime land. Ham has picked a lawyer Nelson Havi to represent him, they now claim that his life is in danger to divert attention.


In the meantime, in what is seen as attempts to play victim, Ham Lagat now claims his life is in danger and that he is being threatened.

Here is the complaint that has been made to LSK and the Chief Justice against Ham Lagat.

Meanwhile Ham Lagat said in court he has many different signatures. CID using scientific evidence have shown he was lying. We were able to obtain the CID report confirming that indeed HAM LAGAT actually engaged in perjury. Here is the CID report.

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