Kalonzo’s heartless scheme to sabotage Governor Mutua

Mwangangi Nelson

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has hatched a scheme to stalk wrangles between executive and legislative arms of the Machakos County government with a view to ensuring the county is ungovernable.

In the scheme, Kalonzo hopes to set up Machakos citizens against Governor Mutua by denying him budgets through MCAs hence stalling development and service delivery.

Kalonzo is also keen to ensure Machakos, which has been ranked the best county in matters of development and governance back slides in anticipation to paint Governor Alfred Mutua as a non performer.

Kalonzo, who has evidently been rattled by Dr Mutua’s rising political star, is desperate to secure his lifeline in the country’s national political arena after failing to provide sound leadership to the Kamba nation.

Sources indicate that Kalonzo is furious about Mutua’s presidential ambitions and in particular a recent opinion survey which ranked him at par with Dr Mutua in terms of popularity.

Now, Kalonzo has become not only a desperate man, but also a political busy body who has resulted to pursuit of ‘backward politics’ in a bid to resuscitate his national image.

His only target is Dr Mutua, who has stood out as the most progressive, independent-minded, and development oriented leader that Kamba community ever had.

It is important to stress that Kalonzo, who has been in politics for about four decades now, has virtually nothing to show in addressing the poverty situation in Ukambani. He inherited and is still practicing politics of poverty and repression of any budding leaders.

In his dirty and desperate scheme, the man from Mwingi has taken his war on Mutua to the Machakos county assembly, where he has been instructing a handful of Wiper MCAs and their Speaker, Florence Mwangangi to frustrate Dr Mutua’s development agenda.

Kalonzo has personally been calling MCAs and urging them to shoot down any Motion or proposal sponsored by the executive in order to make Mutua appear bad to Machakos residents and also to Kenyans in general.

His evil activities have been manifested by the move to induce the rejection of Mutua’s nominees for various CEC positions by MCAs and now the quagmire surrounding the sh 2.4 supplementary budget whose fate now hangs in a balance.

Ms Mwangangi-herself a daughter of Machakos County and the MCAs under Kalonzo’s control have forgotten that Kalonzo, being an outsider from Kitui is not interested in the welfare of Machakos citizens.

They have also forgotten that Kalonzo is using the same dirty tricks he used against Makueni County during Governor Kivutha Kibwana’s first term where the county missed dissolution by a whisker.

Kalonzo’s aim was to coerce Prof Kibwana through Wiper MCAs to pay allegiance to him, considering he had been elected governor on his former party, Muungano. The Wiper party leader had also fallen out with Alfred Mutua, and so he was only left with then Kitui governor, Julius Malombe to manipulate.

In the current Machakos scenario, Kalonzo has promised Ms Mwangangi a direct party nomination ticket to contest the gubernatorial seat after Mutua’s exit come 2022. The same false promise has been given to 2013 and 2017 gubernatorial loser, Wavinya Ndeti as well as the sitting MP for Kathiani, Robert Mbui who are currently being used as Kalonzo’s ‘dogs of war.’

It will take courage by Machakos residents to rise up and say no to Kalonzo’s mischievous moves and redeem themselves from the yoke of poverty and political bondage.