246 COVID-19 Infections Confirmed As Total Hits 32,803

The total number of COVID-19 infections rose to 32,803 after testing 4,149 samples, 246 of which came back positive for the virus.

Addressing reports during the daily COVID-19 briefing, Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman said that Kenya has cumulatively carried out 429,513 tests.

Of the new cases, 170 were males while 76 were females. The youngest case was that of a two year old baby and the oldest a 77 year old person.

CAS Aman also announced 160 new recoveries in the last 24 hours. 120 of these patients were on home-based care program while 40 were receiving treatment at various hospitals.

The total number of recoveries hence stands at 19,055.

On a sad note, 5 other patients lost their lives to the novel COVID-19, pushing the death toll to 559.

Dr Aman also encouraged malaria patients to visit hospitals and avoid self-medicating.

He explained that since the pandemic struck in March, cases of malaria have gone down from 300,000 every week to 100,000.

“We are appealing to our fellow Kenyans that whenever one develops malaria symptoms should present themselves to health centers.

“Severe Malaria is cause delayed treatment among other causes… In 2019, the country recorded 250,000 cases of severe Malaria with 75% of them being children,” he said.

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