A Gram Of Bee Venom Is More Costly Than That Of Gold

There is a huge demand for honey in Kenya. The local production is only able to meet 20 percent of the demand, leaving a hole of 80 percent that is filled through imports.

Kenya imports 80 percent of honey from other countries to satisfy the market. The country also imports 95 percent of all the bee pollen in Kenya, propolis, and bee venom.

“Kenyans are missing out of an opportunity to make money, utilize their land, and create employment. This is honey, the more than gold that lies within but people are too busy to see,” said Mr. Kyalo Maveke, the owner of Savannah Honey.

A gram of bee venom is more costly than that of gold. It costs 8,000 shillings while a gram of gold is currently retailing at 6,801 shillings. This means a farmer with more been venom in Kenya is likely to be richer than one dealing in gold, basing on the current market prices.

At the same time, a kilo of royal jelly costs 42,000 shillings. Most beekeepers in Kenya trade more in royal jelly that has more returns but requires more time as compared to others.

In Kenya, a kilogram of honey retails at least 600 shillings. Bee pollen goes for 6,800 shillings while propolis goes for 1,300 shillings. “Bees have one of the highest returns that one will ever get in any investment,” added Mr. Kyalo.

Many Kenyans have pieces of land that lie idle and ones that can be turned into the farming of bees. This will not only create revenue but jobs too, as well as keeping the market supplied by our own honey. Why should we continue importing 80 percent of the honey when we have so much potential?

Beekeeping is one of the most convenient business to have as it requires little time as well as minimal labor to have it up and running.

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