DCI boss George Kinoti

A Section of Kiambaa Church PEV Victims React to DCI Statements Of Threats and Intimidation

After days of constant bashing from the public and leaders, post-election violence victims have come out to defend themselves following the heated DCI revelations that survivors were facing imminent threats.

And in a press conference in Eldoret on Friday, the Kiambaa Church survivors came out to strongly accuse the DCI of duping them.

Kiambaa victims
DCI boss Kinoti duped us, say poll violence survivors. Image/Courtesy

Led by Reverend Stephen Mburu of PAG church, the Kiambaa survivors denied claims that they appeared before the DCI on Monday because they had been threatened.

The 2008 attack the survivors told the press conference that they had no intention of visiting the DCI headquarters but only did so to obey summons.

“We did not go there to record statements to fix anyone, we honoured the DCI’s invite and it was never our plan or motive,” Rev Mburu said.

They further said that the Kiambaa tragedy had been used wrongly by some individuals for selfish interests.

The DCI has been at pains explaining and clarifying that it will not reopen post-election violence cases that were investigated and concluded, the motive of inviting the survivors to record fresh statements pertaining to what happened remains unclear after it emerged that their travel was facilitated by the DCI.

How it started

The victims say that they got call from a person who introduced himself as a detective from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Kiambaa victims
2007-08 Post-Election Violence victims recording statements at the DCI Headquarters on Monday, November 23. Photo/Courtesy

The operative told them that he was reaching out to survivors of the 2007/8 post-election violence.

The victims obliged to his request to visit the DCI headquarters in Nairobi, where they recorded “statements” about the happenings of that period.

“George Kinoti sent one of his officers who gave me a call asking me if I can find those who survived the Kiambaa massacre to meet the DCI boss but he did not tell us the aim and that is how I gathered them because, as a pastor of the (Kiambaa PAG) Church, I know,” said Reverend Stephen Mburu.

Kinoti’s office allegedly organised their trip to Nairobi and back after hosting them at a press conference where he spoke forcefully about helping them seek justice and protection after being threatened.

The event opened an avalanche of national debate about reopening old wounds, with President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday warning the DCI against “exhuming old graves”.

Kiambaa victims
2007-08 Post-Election Violence victims recording statements at the DCI Headquarters on Monday, November 23. Photo/Courtesy

“Those trying to open up the graves must be warned. What they are doing is not a joke,” the President said when he presided over the launch of the collection of signatures required for the BBI referendum planned for June next year.



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