About Time We Reminded Politicians What We Elected Them For

Kenya is an interesting country. We have politicians instead of leaders. We have masters instead of servants. We have looters, thieves, rapists, and clueless individuals as leaders.

Kenya is going through a funny and interesting political time at the moment. Those in government are speaking as if they are in the opposition and those in the opposition are speaking as if they have been in government since its formation.

It is funny that even the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, William Samoei Ruto, speaks as if he is not one of Jubilee. As if he is not the Deputy President of this country. As if he is the leader of the opposition. As if he was not part of those false promises that flooded our screens during their campaigns.

Two years to the general election and the country is already in an election mood. Big words, small words, fat words, tall and short words are flying all over with each politician trying to outdo each other in a shouting match.

From the way the shouting and insulting matches are unfolding in the country, soon the stones will start flying, guns rent the air and blood flow, and our country will go back to the dark days of mourning and crying.

It is about time that we remind these politicians why we elected them in the first place. We did not elect them to make money. We did not elect them to rape the economy and leave us with tattered hope with nowhere to turn to.

The economy is bleeding. People have no jobs. Businesses have collapsed. Children are out of school. Unemployment is at its peak. But do they care? Do they even know the challenges that Kenyans are facing? Should we normalize beating them whenever we see them?

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