Al Shabaab Finally Releases Two Cuban Doctors Kidnapped in Mandera

The two Cuban doctors who were abducted by al Shabaab militia in Mandera have been released. 

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez confirmed that al Shabaab militia freed Landy Rodriguez and Herera Correa, who were kidnapped in a daring road ambush where the gunmen shot and killed one of the police officers guarding the medics over the weekend. 

“I had a telephone conversation with the Foreign Minister of Somalia Mr. Ahmed Isse Awad. I appreciated the support and efforts of your government to guarantee the safe return of our kidnapped doctors. We highlight the will to strengthen bilateral ties between the two governments,” he said on Twitter. 

It however still remains unclear where the two doctors were taken after their release. 

The two Cuban doctors were among 100 Cuban specialists who arrived in the country in June 2018. 

They were abducted in April 2019 while on their way to work when two salon cars blocked their way in the ambush. 

It is reported that the Cuban government, negotiated for their release after it obtained a video showing them a few months ago. 

The two doctors were in custody of the Al Shabaab militants for over one year. 

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