Avalanche of Complaints from JKUAT students as normal studies are scheduled to resume

Dear Editor

I’m writing this to complain about the JKUAT Clinical Medicine Department. Before the closure of institutions following the corona virus pandemic both groups of BSc.Clinical Medicine in year 3 and 4 were in their first trimester respectively. The 3rd year group was suppose to do their end of term one exams before proceeding to their rural clinical attachment as year 3 trimester 2 for about 2 months then continue afterwards with the 3rd trimester and do an end year exams .The 4th year group was to proceed to their usual 8 month clinical attachment .During that period that the school was closed, Jkuat introduced online classes to try and cover the remaining part of the syllabus. Students were faced with different challenges following this arrangement including but not limited to poor network reception, data bundles among other hiccups. It was clear that not all lectures were attended to and barely 50% of the students managed to attend the online classes.

When the new directive on progressive resumption of studies was issued, the department also issued, a memo directing the students particularly those in 4th year and 3rd both the Bachelors and Diploma to pay school fees before the 5th of October 2020 for them to be considered for clinical placement and attachment. It’s not fair that this is happening yet the department did not issue any official communication on the same, the one which was issued was on fee payment but not clinical placement. It is even worse to learn that some of the students are under sponsorship programs and they can only be given school fees after showing official document which the department is adamant on proving.

About the Bachelors class in their 3rd year, they had only done 1st trimester ,the department is now planning on taking them for rural attachment for only 1 month instead of 2 months ,then give them an END YEAR EXAMS instead of END TERM EXAMS citing reasons that they had already been taught units that were to be covered in 3rd trimester when only one Unit(Surgery) was adequately taught. Technically they will have done a full academic year in 4months instead of the usual 9 months.
On the 4th year group, the department will not be providing any transportation services to place of clinical attachment but insists that everybody should report by said date not considering some students come as far from Mandera and Coastal region.
All the students are demanding is fair treatment and be given adequate time for fee payment owing to the financial crunch facing every single Kenyan at this particular time and a chance for proper and competent training.

The writer is a student at JKUAT.

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