Sonko angry at Badi's latest action.

Badi Reveals How Uhuru Picked Him to Head NMS

Nairobi Metropolitan Service Director-General Mohammed Badi has disclosed how President Uhuru Kenyatta picked him to manage the city.

The Major General while speaking at the Wednesday JKL show on Citizen TV, on Wednesday night, October 28, said that President Uhuru had attended a function in the National Defense College on March 17 before he chose him to be in charge of NMS.

According to Badi, the President was impressed with his work in which he was leading a military team in trying to foster national unity.

“Uhuru had attended a function where we in the military were trying to bring back sanity in terms of national unity and we had started a course for many government officials including parliamentarians.

“I think it was from these recommendations that the President said yes. If you can change the mindset of a few parliamentarians, you can manage the city,” Badi explained.

The Major General said he received a call from the Head of State the same evening where he was informed that he has been chosen to be in charge of the four major Nairobi County functions which were handed over to the National government by Governor Mike Sonko.

nms badi attend cabinet meetings
NMS Director General Mohammed Badi. Image/Courtesy

A day later, March 18, 2020, in an official function at State House Nairobi, President Uhuru established the NMS and officially gave Badi the powers to be in charge.

The NMS boss further said that he started working less than three hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta gave him authority over the transferred functions.

“On that evening, best believe that from State House I immediately went to Muthurwa Market to supervise NYS trucks to collect the garbage,” Badi added.

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