Bar Owners Request Government To Consider Re-opening Bars And Night Clubs

Pubs and restaurant association of Kenya (PERAK) has expressed disappointment over the government’s directive to extend the closure of bars for another 30 days to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

According to PERAK Nairobi Branch Chairman Francis Mbogo, the industry has lost at least 70 percent of revenue since the COVID-19 restrictions were imposed in March this year.

“We restocked hoping that the business will continue. We were also hoping that the President will lift the prohibition after the 30 days period which he did not. We are going to incur a lot of losses because of expired alcohol.  We did not get an opportunity to sell the stocks we had” Mbogo said.

In his 11th Presidential Address on COVID-19 president Uhuru Kenyatta extended the closure of bars and night clubs for another 30 days.

“In consultation with the Ministry of Health will develop self-regulating mechanisms as part of their civic responsibility to their clientele, in order to allow their resumption.” President Kenyatta added.

According to PERAK, its members have spent at least Khs 1 billion to reorganize premises and put in place the health protocols developed by the Ministry of Health.

PERAK is now calling for an audience with the President adding that 1.6 million people now risk losing income

PERAK-Nairobi Chairman Francis Mbogo added that most bars have already adhered to the measures and regulations set by the Ministry of Health.

PERAK-Nairobi Chairman Francis Mbogo and PERAK director Mike Muthami. Photo|Ronald Owili

“In all entrances there are sanitizers, hand washing basin and thermometer. When you look at the seating arrangement, we have maintained a distance of one meter we are ready to resume business even if we serve 50% of the original number if customers.”

On July 27, 2020 President Uhuru Ordered no sale of alcoholic drinks and beverages in eateries and restaurants across the Territory of the Republic of Kenya.

However, the prohibition against the sale of alcohol by licensed hotels with residence was vacated on August 26.

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