Baringo Man Seizes Goats, Rabbits From Girlfriend’s Home After She ‘Ate’ Fare Severally

Residents of Kapcherere village in Baringo North have been treated to a rare scenario after a middle-aged man stormed the home of a woman he has a crush on whom he had been sending fare repeatedly in vain.

According to reports, the twenty-seven-year-old Daniel Kemboi left residents in shock after he stormed the home of 24-year-old Vivian Jebet, who still lives with her parents and made away with two goats and four rabbits as one way of recovering his fare money, which he said he had been sending the girl.

Efforts by the girl’s family to persuade the young man to spare their animals fell on deaf ears as the resilient Kemboi vowed to pay himself back with the animals.

Daniel Kemboi
The man was set to be arraigned at Kabarnet Law courts on Monday but the girlfriend’s family decide to settle the matter out of court. Photo/Courtesy

Speaking to a local online publication, Kemboi, who hails from Koroto in Baringo North, claimed that he had sent Sh1,500 to her girlfriend Jebet on several occasions for Boda boda fare on an agreement that she would use the money for travel from Kipcherere to his Koroto home.

His attempt to snatch the animals from Jebet’s home, however, suffered a major setback after the villagers informed the police, leading to his immediate arrest.

He detained and was set to be arraigned on Monday morning, November, at the Kabarnet Law Courts but was lucky Jebet’s family agreed to settle the matter out of court.

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