Barrack Muluka resigns as secretary general of Musalia’s ANC Party

Barack Muluka has resigned as the secretary general of Musalia Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC) party.

In his resignation letter, Muluka who has held the post since 2015 says that he has achieved his goal at the party, and it is now time to “decongest” the party leadership to enable party leader Musalia Mudavadi make critical decisions ahead of 2022.

Among the goals that Muluka says he has achieved include helping Mudavadi write and publish his biography, Soaring above the Storms of Passion which was published last year.

He also says he was tasked with re-organizing and strengthening the Party ahead of 2017 and 2022, which he says he has done.

“I am now satisfied that both assignments have been suitably done. The biography was published and launched last year. The party has, meanwhile, been successfully wrestled from difficult spaces and placed on a strong footing for growth and expansion across the country. It is now ready, in my considered view, to compete for political power against other major political parties,” wrote Muluka.

“I doubt that I could add more value to what I have done so far. moreover, it is now fitting that the space around you should be decongsted. This will allow you to make critical decisions on the population and leadership of the party under the new constitution.”

Muluka also resigned as a party member of ANC, pointing out to possible shift of allegiance to a new or existing political outfit.

“Please note that I do not now belong to any Political party or organization. I wish you well on the rest of the competitive journey ahead and on your tour of public duty,” he added.

Muluka, who is also a publisher, once worked as Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s campaigns director of communication.

Some of the books he has authored include ‘When Ogres Lived’, ‘Kandu and the Lake’ and ‘Why Dog Left the Forest’.

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