BBI Secretariat Announces it Has Collected 1.5 Million Signatures

The BBI secretariat on Monday announced that it had already collected 1.5 million signatures.

In a press briefing, the Junet Mohammed led secretariat said it expects to hit two million signatures by close of business Monday.

They also announced that the exercise will be concluded on Thursday.

Isaac Rutto
Isaac Rutto leads BBI signature launch in South Rift. Image/Courtesy

The 1.5 million signatures include those collected through the online app.

The threshold to amend the constitution through a referendum requires one million signatures of registered voters.

“This is a civic duty, not political event. No citizen should be left behind,” secretariat co-chair Junet Mohamed said.

“Latest, by Thursday we should be done,” Junet said.

The secretariat is expected to submit the signatures and the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2020 to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission on December 9 for verification.

The Constitution says that if IEBC is satisfied with the signatures, it will submit the draft Bill to each county assembly for consideration within three months after the date it was submitted.

“If a county assembly approves the draft Bill within three months after the date it was submitted by the commission, the speaker of the county assembly shall deliver a copy of the draft Bill jointly to the Speakers of the two Houses of Parliament, with a certificate that the county assembly has approved it,” Article 257(6) states.

If the Bill is approved by a majority of the 47 assemblies – at least 24- it shall be introduced in Parliament without immediately.

The Bill is passed if it is supported by a majority of members in both the Senate and the National Assembly and submitted to the President for assent.


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