BBI Team Develops Mobile App To Help In Collection of Signatures

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Secretariat has developed an app to help Kenyans to append their signatures to the form digitally.

BBI secretariat co-chair Junet Mohamed while unveiling the app stated that Kenyans will have the chance to sign the BBI form on the app and official website alongside the physical forms.

He stated that online signing will be just as effective as physical signing and the signatures will be taken as valid and will be used.

Junet further announced that signatures collection will run for one week starting Wednesday, November 25 till the end of the month, before handing them over to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

“You can log into and sign because we are ready and roaring to go. Follow instructions, sign and your signature and ID and all details will be captured and will be used for the signature,” he said.

“We are ready to go, we are prepared and our agenda of uniting this country is achieved through BBI,” he said.

The MP also unveiled the next plan after the verification of the signatures saying that the secretariat will take the document to the county assemblies.

After the assemblies, the process will be taken to parliament and then to Kenyans.

“We are going to take to parliament, the two speakers are here and it’s as good as done. We will then take to the people of Kenya to make a decision on it.”

“We are going to go out there and follow the Covid protocols. We will do meetings in town halls with attendance not more than 100 people until Covid is gone. Life will continue.” Junet said.

He expressed hist confidence on the project going passing in the county assemblies adding that over 30 governors were present during the Wednesday launch a clear indication that the document has been endorsement among the county governments.

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