Briton Sues Kenyan Girlfriend Over Ksh10M Property

A British national has sued his estranged Kenyan girlfriend over Ksh10 million property seeking the possession of property after aborted marriage.

According to reports, the woman, Catherine Nduku Muema took the possession of the said property as a gift and an apology for a failed marriage with Mr Linn Alevander James De Nholm.

Court records indicate that Muema and De Nholm met in Thika and started an intimate relationship with a promise of marriage but it did not materialize.

The Briton told the court that he was open to Muema during their relationship to an extent that he even involved her in his investment plans.

He says that he bought two vehicles and let the woman use them freely.

According to the court documents, in 2017, as a demonstration of his serious to Muema about their relationship, De Nholm bought a piece of land worth Ksh2.5 million in Mtwapa, Kilifi County and included her name in the sale agreement. He later begun building a house on the property.

Mr Linn Alevander James De Nholm who is claiming property worth Sh10 million from his former girlfriend. Photo/Courtesy

However, the two broke up with the woman shortly after that and De Nholm decided to travelled back to his country in June 2019.

When he came back to Kenya, Muema prevented him from accessing the property and locked his personal items in the house and after making inquiries at the Land Registry, he found out that the property had been registered in her name.

He also found out that Muema had registered all the motor vehicles in her name.

“The woman’s actions to register the properties in her name constitutes an illegality,” he told Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Francis Kyiambia, who is handling the dispute.

According to his documents filed in court, it was after the woman registered all the properties in her name that he realised that she was deceiving him that they would get married so as to persuade him to make investments with her.

“She colluded with her advocate to commit fraud and misrepresentation with the intention of denying me my right of ownership of the property,” he said.

He insisted that he did not purchased the property as an apology to the woman.

The court issued a temporary injunction preventing any dealings in the property until the ownership dispute between the two is resolved.

“For avoidance of doubt, Ms Mueni is restrained from disposing the suit property. Mr James on the other hand is restrained from interfering with the woman’s occupation of the property. Those orders shall subsists until the main suit is determined or until further orders of the court,” said the magistrate.

The case will continue on December 17.

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