Cane farmers to Oparanya, stop forcing Devki down our throat


Sugarcane farmers from Busia, Bungoma and Kakamega have warned Governor Wycliffe Oparanya against meddling in the leasing process of Mumias sugar.

The farmers claimed Oparanya was advising Mumias Sugar Receiver Manager PVR Rao to ignore the directives of the senate.

The Standing Committee of Agriculture recommended that that the process of leasing Mumias should start afresh and everything must be done in a fair and transparent manner.

However, Oparanya, over the weekend appeared to discredit senators noting that they had no powers to direct Mr Rao how to carry out the process.

The senate waded into the matter following concerns from the farmers, leaders and other stakeholders who said the process was not transparent.

This was after Devki’s Narendra Raval came out publicly to say he was ready and willing to direct some Sh5billion towards the revival of Mumias Sugar Company.

The farmers led by National Secretary General of Kenya Association of Sugar and Allied Products (Kasap) Peter Odima and Simon Wesechere from Kenya National Federation of Sugarcane Farmers warned Rao to take instructions from Oparanya at his own.

Boniface Manda urged Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries Peter Munya not to be misled by anybody but allow proper procedure followed as far as leasing of Mumias Sugar is concerned.

Just why is Oparanya hell-bent that it must be Devki? Posed Manda.

“We are privy to the information that governor Oparanya is asking Mumias Sugar Receiver Manager to ignore the recommendations of senate and bring in Devki by force, we shall resist,” said Mr Manda.

Manda said concerns farmers are raising are valid and need to be looked into. “ The biggest mistake Rao should do is to ignore the senators as Oparanya is misleading him,” Manda added.

According to Odima and Wesechere, Oparanya had nine years to revive Mumias but did nothing only to start forcing things be done like he wants for the reasons best known to him.

Odima said,” Oparanya should retire and go home. We are warning that as farmers we shall resist skewed plans to force someone in the same of investor down our throat.”

“ Oparanya likes pushing things even where it is not possible, he tried that in Matungu and was shown dust, we are now telling him again to stop meddling in the process leasing out because it is going to back fire on him so badly,” said Manda.

Over the weekend Oparanya said,” Senate committee wants to say that it can stop the process of leasing Mumias to continue. What powers do they have?” said Oparanya.

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