Nairobi Businessman Sandeep Desai’s Nude Pictures Wreck KPA Board Member’s Marriage, Lands Him In Court

A Nairobi-based businessman, Sandeep Ranjkant Desai, has been taken to court for sending nudes to the wife of a Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Board member Conrad Thorpe, Ms Linda Conrad. According to court submissions, Mr Desai sent nude photos through email to Ms Linda, his former lover, on July 5, […]

China Re-opens Movie Theatres Posterior Covid 19 Is It Time For Kenya Cinemas To Re-Open ?

In China it has been almost a month since movie theatres  re-opened after their COVID-19 shutdowns, and with several new blockbusters premiering, box office earnings are also recovering in China. Ticket sales for “The Eight Hundred,” for example, totaled more than 1.2 billion yuan (174.5 million U.S. dollars), only six days after […]