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Sinking hotels in Baringo

Photos of Sinking Hotels, Schools and Homes Add to Fears as Lakes Baringo and Bogoria are on The Verge of Merging

The rising waters of Lakes Baringo and Bogoria has brought forth destruction running into billions of shillings even as authorities warn people to move to higher grounds. With geologists and environmental experts warning that the two lakes are only 5 kilometres away from merging. On Monday, August 31, a giant […]

Image of a giraffe in a park

Kenya Wildlife Services Rubbishes Claims for Increased Park Entry Fees for Kenyans

Kenya Wildlife Services has cleared the claims park fees for Kenyans had been increased by up to 60 Percent. According to business daily, an article jotted on Monday August 31 indicated that KWS had increased park entry fees for Kenyans and cut the charges paid by foreign nationals amid reduced […]