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CCTV Footage Captures Moments Before And After Kevin Omwenga’s Shooting

CCTV footage recovered from Galana Suites, Kilimani has revealed what occurred moments before and after the fatal shooting of businessman Kevin Omwenga on Friday night.

Omwenga is seen leaving his apartment on the 7th floor at around 9.39 pm and only returns an hour later with an unidentified woman.

At 10.35 pm his alleged killer River Bodo Ouko follows him in.

At 11.22 pm a guest is seen leaving and a few moments after Bodo sees off yet another guest.

The suspected murderer who is in custody is seen trying to leave the departed person’s home at least four times but could not.

Bodo pressed the elevator button four times but each time he kept on going back into the house.

Finally, he leaves at 11.29 pm.

He does however return but this time, another unidentified man runs in before him.

At 11.34 pm he (Bodo) and another man carry out Omwenga into a waiting car.

At this time, the deceased had sustained a gunshot wound to the chest.


According to the deceased’s brother, Wycliffe Omwenga, his kin was in an argument with the suspect in the former’s bedroom.

He was in the kitchen when he heard a gunshot sound.

A police report indicated that he found Bodo in a hurry to leave. His brother was at the time lying on the floor with blood oozing out of his chest.

He and Bodo would later report the matter at Kilimani Police Station, leading to his arrest and confiscation of what is thought to be the murder weapon.

Bodo is said to have led the detectives to an office near Omwenga’s home, Santeu Plaza, where they recovered a Mini Ceska firearm with 13 rounds of ammunition.

Preliminary investigations showed that the firearm belongs to a suspected fake gold dealer Chris Obure.

The gun is linked to yet another incident in 2016 where he harassed a reveler at a popular joint in Westlands.

The weapon was seized but it remains unknown how it found its way back into Obure’s hands.

He was apprehended on Saturday as investigators seek to find out who pulled the trigger.

Bodo is said to be Obure’s bodyguard.

Omwenga was pronounced dead on arrival at Nairobi Women’s Hospital.


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