Chaos Looming as LSK Vows to Evict MPs Out of Parliament on Monday

The Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi hve served the Speakers and Clerks of National Assembly and Senate with a notice of entry to Parliament Buildings on Monday afternoon, October 12.

According to Havi, the ‘Occupy Parliament’ movement is the latest push by the LSK to force President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve the Parliament as advised by Chief Justice David Maraga on September 21.

The CJ had adviced President Uhuru to dissolve the parliament over its failure to implement the two-thirds gender rule.

Havi also copied the letter to the Inspector General of Police to provide the necessary security facilitation into Parliament Buildings on Monday at exactly 2.30PM.

The LSK in the notice argued that the parliamentarians will have ceased to exercise their legislative powers on behalf of Kenyans tomorrow.

“Please make arrangements to host the representatives who will not be 20 in number,” Havi said in the notice.

LSK have insisted that the current parliamentarians would have become illegitimate and trespassers by Monday.

Law Society Of Kenya President (LSK) Nelson Havi. [Courtesy]
The society also gave the President an ultimatum saying that he has no option but to dissolve the 12th parliament to enact legislation implementing the constitutional two-thirds gender requirement which stipulates that no more than two thirds of any public elected or appointed body shall be of the same gender.

“The People of Kenya must know that: President Uhuru Kenyatta against whom the advice by the Chief Justice is directed is not a party to the cases in which stay was granted; LSK is also not a party and subject to the order; and on 7.10.2020, Justice Korir declined a request by Parliament to stop the entry.”

“The Judge held that LSK was not a party to cases before it and no adverse order could be made against it. The Judge further stated that the protest was permissible in exercise of right to demonstrate. Constitutional order must be restored.” Havi said on Sunday.

Havi said President Uhuru has until tomorrow midday, to effect on CJ Maraga’s advice.

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