China Re-opens Movie Theatres Posterior Covid 19 Is It Time For Kenya Cinemas To Re-Open ?

In China it has been almost a month since movie theatres  re-opened after their COVID-19 shutdowns, and with several new blockbusters premiering, box office earnings are also recovering in China. Ticket sales for “The Eight Hundred,” for example, totaled more than 1.2 billion yuan (174.5 million U.S. dollars), only six days after its premier. “Love You Forever” made almost 300 million yuan (43.62 million U.S. dollars) two days after premier. 

Data from film information website Maoyan show the movies are now back on at more than 9,200 theatres nationwide – that’s 80 percent of all the theatres in China. 

On Thursday 20th August 2020 AngaImax through their Facebook page wrote a post pledging to adhere to all safety guidelines if allowed to reopen . From March to Mid August 2020  a loss of not less than 263 million of box office revenue was recorded. 

Courtesy of AngaImax Facebook

Generating the hashtag #SaveOurCinemasKe AngaImax Kenya states that a further 2 Million is lost daily as long as Cinemas remain closed. 

Virus prevention measures are still strict in China’s cinemas, but viewers can’t wait to get back to the movies.  London has also announced the re-opening of Movie theatres.

Other countries which have re-opened their movie Theatres include,Albania, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore.

Kenya Film and Classification Board has not yet issued a statement with any specific dates to Re-Open Kenya Cinemas. 

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