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Chris Obure, Ouko To Remain In Custody For 7 Days Pending Bail Ruling

Businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo Ouko will remain in custody for another 7 days pending bail ruling.

Justice Jessie Lessit will deliver the ruling on Monday, she said in a virtual hearing in the murder of Kevin Omwenga.

The prosecution argued that the duo should not be released because they risk interfering with witnesses and investigations.

“…additional evidence is still being collected by the investigators in this matter including data communication, bank records and business engagements and we depone that if the two are released before all this evidence has been collected and provided to court the likelihood of interference by the accused persons would be significant harming this process of accessibility to justice by the prosecutions and victims in this matter,” the court heard.

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Further, the court heard that the accused persons are likely to skip court hearings if freed on bail.

“…the accused persons having been charged with the offence of murder and knowing that if found guilty the punishment meted could be that of the death penalty are more likely abscond if released on bail or bond pending the determination of the hearing,” the prosecution said.

Obure, from his hospital bed in Nairobi Hospital pleaded with the court to release him on bail, adding that he was not a flight risk.

His lawyer Caroline Oduor told the court that her client will not interfere with witnesses.

“He has a fixed abode living in Nairobi with his family, gainfully employed with an international company,” she said.

Oduor also denied that her client was within the area of the deceased’s home on the day of the shooting.

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On Friday, while appearing before Magistrate Sinkiyian Tobiko, Obure was charged with two counts of failing to secure a fire arm contrary to the fire arms act and failing to secure ammunition.

Ouko on the other hand, was charged with two counts; possession of firearm without a permit and possession of ammunition.

The two suspects pleaded not guilty and were released on a Sh50,000 cash bail, each.


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