Royal Mabati Factory

Client Exposes Royal Mabati Factory for Taking Money from Him then Blocking His Calls

These past few days, the Kenyan Herald editorial has dedicated this platform to airing hundreds of complaints from customers who did business with Royal Mabati Factory only for them to be taken in endless circles.

Our bold step to highlight the con games and treacherous treatment of customers by Royal Mabati Factory was not just borne out of an editorial decision, but a conscious step aimed at exposing the rot in a cabal of Kenyan businesses which swindle innocent Kenyans.

For a long time, Royal Mabati Factory has been operating with outright impunity, leaving in its wake a pained citizenry whose hard earned money get sucked up in a well-crafted web of conmanship.

Our attention has now been drawn to the company’s marketing technique many Kenyans have fallen prey to.

Here is a narration of a client who got in touch with the company via their online platform and has lived to regret that move;

“I did an inquiry of Mabati through Royal Mabati online platform number, 0722638383. They sent me a customer care rep number called Lilian, 0729506070 to help me with the quote.

Lilian called me and she told me to check on whatsap. I inquired about their warranty, time to deliver etc. Since I had hired fundis from far, I inquired about the length of time they will deliver.

Lilian told me they deliver in less than 7 working days. She further told me, if my fundis are from far I do my payment and immediately I do the payment I tell them to start building the roof (she confirmed she was to deliver in less 7days).

I trusted Lilian, did my payment and tasked my fundis to prepare the roof.

The moment Lilian received my payment, thats the last day she picked my call.

Fundis finished preparing the roof in 4 days. Since Lilian had given me an assurance of less than 7days, I told the fundis to hold in for a more 3 days as we wait for delivery.

End week I personally went to Royal Mabati Factory. I met over 10 clients with same issue (some to 4mnths). I was asked to meet Isaac, 0742963722. He listened hurriedly and told me i have only one option. I buy a different gauge which is ready. Since my roof was falling I added money.

It’s over a month and Lilian hasn’t picked my call, Isaac blocked me and I am now in shit.

All my roofing timbers have been rained on properly. I have to get new ones.  I paid my fundis an extra 5 days waiting for the delivery. Delivery never came.

I paid an extra amount for the new gauge which I was told is available. I have not seen the delivery. Lilian (saleslady) and Isaac (sales manager) have refused to pick my calls.”

The ball is now on the court for Lilian (sales rep) and her manager Isaac to act swiftly and refund the client or deliver is items.



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