Come and Arrest Me, Defiant Ndindi Nyoro Dares DCI As he Spill Beans on Murang’a Chaos

Days after being summoned by the DCI through a tweet to present themselves at Nyeri DCI offices, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro and his Kandara counterpart Alice Wahome are yet to honor the summons.

Speaking on Tuesday when he appeared for Citizen Tv’s DayBreak show, defiant Nyoro said he had not received the summons personally and was not going to waste his time going to the DCI when the alleged perpetrators where walking scot-free.

IG Orders Arrest Of MPs Alice Wahome And Ndindi Nyoro Over Murang'a Chaos »  Capital News
Chaos rocked Kenol town on Sunday morning prior to William Ruto’s visit to the region. Photo/Courtesy

While accusing Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege of being behind the chaos, Nyoro insisted he will not be used as a scapegoat to ‘sanitize’ the real culprits who the government was allegedly protecting.

“Let me put it to record; I am not surrendering to any police! And I will not be used by murderers to cleanse their mess…they know my whereabouts…they know I was not involved. If you need me, I am here at home, please come and arrest me,” he stated.


“If I had anything to do with this chaos, I will not be talking to you now. The paradox with the people who want to arrest us is that they were part of the mess. Those who should be arrested are people like Sabina Chege,” he added.

The defiant MP communicated that there was no way he was going to invite the DP to Murang’a then organize chaos and disrupt their own meeting.

“There’s no way I can attend my wedding, & when the pastor asks if anyone has a reason why we should not get married then I’m the one raising my hands. There is no way I can invite the DP to Murang’a & then disrupt our own meeting,” he stated.

The MP went ahead to claim that a group of around 30 men had met at Edgewood hotel to plan and disrupt Ruto’s meeting prior to his visit. Nyoro said he informed the Murang’a County Commissioner but to his disappointment, the commissioner just replied with ‘Thanks’.

According to Nyoro, another meeting was held at Thika Greens Hotel where Sabina Chege allegedly gave out money for the chaos to be executed. The MP claimed that Sabina Chege has been going for money from CS Matiang’i and Kibicho.

He added that on Sunday morning, some youths from Kiantutu in Thika to come and disrupt Ruto’s meeting, saying the DP was not going to hold a Harambee in Murang’a.

Nyoro claimed there was a collaboration between the youths ferried and the administration through the police, that’s why they were never disrupted by police when rioting and burning tyres.

“I am not a mad man, I know what I’m saying. If anyone is aggrieved they can take me to court. A group of around 30 men met at Edgewood hotel to plan chaos, I informed the Murang’a County Commissioner and his reply was ‘Thanks’…police were actually saluting those hooligans when lighting tires

His allegations were, however, rubbished by Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga, who opined that Nyoro just wanted to be arrested with drama so that he can gain political mileage.

Wanga urged Nyoro to report to the police and say what he knows then go away. She warned that the drama won’t take Nyoro far.

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