Hillary Kosgei outburst against president Kenyatta

Come Arrest Us, Kipkelion West MP Dares Uhuru

The arrest and charging of two Jubilee Mps for alleged hate speech and incitement has stirred a barrage of criticism from South Rift legislators led by Kipkelion West’s Hillary Kosgei.

Speaking at his home constituency, a fiery Kosgei has told off the president for what he terms as ‘incompetence and gross violation’ of the constitution.

A fired up Kosgei said Ruto’s supporters were ready to respond in kind for the way the DP and his allies have been treated by Uhuru’s government.

The MP did not hold anything back as he accused the president of nepotism in the fight against corruption, saying the first family is no more special than the rest of Kenyans.

President Uhuru Kenyatta accused of nepotism in the fight against corruption
President Uhuru Kenyatta accused of nepotism in the fight against corruption. Image/Twitter

He wondered how Sudi and Ng’eno were arrested for speaking against the president’s mother yet Uhuru has never reprimanded his cabinet secretaries for their outbursts and belittling of the DP.

“We know the first family is very corrupted and they were involved in the KEMSA saga. Uhuru’s sister and her children should be arrested for the KEMSA scandal. There is no special child in this country.” roared an angry Kosgei.

The MP further said that the muzzling of those speaking their minds will not stop him and others from telling him the truth, and that the arrest of the two Jubilee MPs was just a tip of the iceberg.

“We shall only respect those who respect us. Respect is two way traffic. We cannot respect the first family if they continue maligning DP Ruto like CS Tibiko is doing. If it has reached that low, it is an embarrassment for the President. I promise Uhuru that he will have more customers to arrest if he continues this way…”

We cannot respect the first family if they continue maligning DP Ruto like CS Tibiko is doing
Nyiganet Kosgei speaking at a past event. Image/Courtesy

On the direction of BBI, he called out the president and Raila Odinga for their hypocrisy in their approach to amending the constitution through a referendum.

Kosgei added that the militarization of the cabinet was illegal and the president was breaching the same constitution he swore to protect and uphold.

“I have heard Uhuru and Raila talk of discerning a constitutional moment…what constitutional moment are you discerning when you are not respecting the current constitution…We did not vote for Jubilee to begin militarizing the cabinet. Soldiers should be in the barracks not making decisions in the cabinet.”

The MP was responding to Uhuru through an executive order swearing in NSM Director General Mohamed Badi into Cabinet sittings and moving Kenya Meat Commission from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Defense.

And in a public outburst similar in context and wording to what got Sudi and Ng’eno arrested, Kosgei supported the call for Uhuru to dissolve the government if he cannot respect the rule of law and the constitution.

nms badi attend cabinet meetings
NMS Director General Mohammed Badi. Image/Courtesy

“If Uhuru has been overwhelmed in running the government, let him dissolve the government and we go to wananchi to seek for a new mandate. We are ready for elections anytime. “

“Stop taking us in circles Mr. President.”


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