Companies that have taken Pay cuts in Kenya amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Keeping up with tough economic times requires serious measures to keep your company in balance. How so? Voluntarily pay cuts or mandatory Pay cuts.

The first to announce pay cut was the much affected Kenya Airways which is Kenya’s reputable National Carrier. Through Chief Executive Officer Allan Kilavuka, all KQ staffs were made aware that a 25 per cent or 50 per cent pay cut subject to their grade will be initiated. Mr. Kilavuka being the head of the pack announced that he will lead by taking 80 per cent pay cut. What a man who has the company interest at heart.

Tourism Directors was another bunch of high rollers who announced that they have already taken 70 percent and other 60 per cent pay cut to keep up with this tough economic times according Mohammed Hersi- Chairman, Kenya Tourism Federation.

Just yesterday during President Uhuru Kenyatta state of the nation address, he and his Deputy William Ruto announced that in a view to release more money into circulation to keep up with Coronavirus pandemic, they will lead the way in taking 80 percent pay cut. Remember this is voluntarily. For a president, who according to a Salaries and Remuneration Commission, currently earns Ksh.1.44 million per month, his monthly salary now will be reduced to Ksh.288,000. I feel we are on the same page here with my president even if I am not closer to that reduced salary. His deputy who currently takes home a pay of Ksh.1.22 million will be left with just over Ksh.245,000.

Further to level the playing field, Cabinet Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries are requested to take a 30 percent pay cut with Principal Secretaries requested to a 20 percent pay cut. Service to the people doesn’t have to be money oriented for once in my lifetime.

As the situation continues to look more dimmer in the coming days, we as senior netizens look forward to more drastic changes from big money players around the country.

Do stay safe will you?

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