Equity Bank fraud.

Concerns as Elderly Man Losses Entire Pension To Equity Fraudsters Through Equitel Line

Barely two months after Equity bank was exposed over myriads of fraudster claims, another customer has come out to seek justice after her account was allegedly swept clean by suspected equity-linked fraudsters.

In a complaint shared on Twitter and copied to The Kenyan Herald editorial desk, the victim’s daughter detailed how Equity bank-linked fraudsters swept clean his elderly father’s account, through Equitel line.

She said that her dad could not recognize the transaction activities done via his Equitel line.

“A month ago, my dad lost his entire pension. He one day logged into his Equity bank account via Equitel and realized that the account number he was seeing wasn’t his. He couldn’t recognize any of the transactions,” reads the tweet.

This is not the first time the bank has thrust into the spotlight over the suspicious loss of money by its customers in unclear circumstances.

In September, a 72-year-old man from Nyeri allegedly lost had his account swept clean after the fraudsters allegedly siphoned the KSh 457,000 from his account through Eazzy App.

Kiragu, while giving the details of what transpired, stated that his elderly father had on the night of August 20, 2020, slept with Sh457,000 in his account only to wake up the next day to nothing.

The elderly man is said to have met the shock of his life after demanding his bank statement, only to find out that not only had he lost all his money, but the fraudsters had also gone ahead to secure a further bank loan of KSh 25,000 using his account.

“My 72 yr father wakes up on 21Aug 2020 only to find a shocker that his bank account balance is at zero. Equity systems had defrauded him. His Kes. 457,000 has vanished in the thin air. My dad, in reaction, hurriedly heads to the Equity Nyeri branch hoping that he’s just having a bad dream, and its not a reality.

“He requests the bank officials for a statement of his account. To his disappointment, his account is now not even zero but at negative Kes. 25,000, to add salt to the injury, the fraudster had already taken an Equitel Loan of Kes. 25,000. It is affirmed that all his savings amount to Kes. 475,000 was withdrawn via the Eazzy net as indicated in the bank statement,” read Karungu’s Facebook post.

In 2019, an elderly lady also allegedly lost KSh 970,216 from her bank account through the suspicious Eazzy App.

Despite the lender acknowledging receiving reports on the damning fraud allegations and promising to involve the investigative agencies, it still remains unclear on whether the woman recovered back her money.

In 2016, another customer from Meru, Anthony Muriungi Kajuju took the Equity Bank to court over an alleged loss of Sh90,000 held in his account at the bank also linked to ‘Equitel Eazzy-Money’.

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