Concerns as Sick Widow Losses 0.9 Million to Equity Fraudsters Through Equitel Line

Days after Equity bank was exposed over myriads of fraudster claims, another customer has come out to seek justice after her account was allegedly swept clean by suspected equity-linked fraudsters.

In a series of complaints shared on Twitter and copied to The Kenyan Herald editorial desk, a son to the victim by the name (Asnael Moturi) detailed how an Equity bank agent in Kisii, allegedly collaborated with the fraudsters to clear all the money in his sick mother’s account, through Equitel line.

According to the victim’s son, his mother, who is a widow, lost a total of Ksh900,000 from the account via an Equitel line she was advised to register by one of Equity Bank agents.

It all started after his sick mother visited the Equity Bank to replace her ATM card. When she was in the process, the guys at Equity suggested that instead of ATM, she should use an Equitel sim card for easier accessibility.

The son went ahead to reveal that the guys convinced her and since the mother was not well conversant with technology matters, she agreed.

After the whole process, the agent advised his mother to switch her phone off for 24hrs then they will call her the following day to activate her sim card to finish the whole process.

According to the information, after the lady went home and switched on her phone the following day, the suspected Equity guys called her as promised. They asked her a few questions and after 2hrs, a total of Ksh900,000 had mysteriously disappeared from the account.

The victim’s son is now taking Equity bank into the task, demanding to know how a new line which was registered on Monday by the bank’s agents, ended up in the hands of fraudsters the same day.

He revealed that the siphoned money was left behind by his late father, and was supposed to be used by his mother to pay school fees for their younger brother.

The revelations attracted a lot of anger from twitter users who came out to lash out at the bank over its recent series of related cases where customers have been quoted complaining over the same. Many opined that such claims were fast damaging the institution’s reputation.

Despite reporting the matter to the bank and recording a statement with Police on Tuesday, September 29, the son revealed that the bank is yet to fully commit itself to restore his mother’s account.


Through its official twitter page, Equity bank sympathized with the victim’s son, telling him to send full details of what happened promising to look into the matter.

Here are the victim’s screenshots of the narration as received by The Kenyan Herald editorial desk;


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