Corruption and Untold suffering At Kiambu Lands Office

Dear Kenyan Herald

My name is Jane. I will be speaking on behalf of many Kenyans in relation to Kiambu lands office.

It has become a nightmare and a complex puzzle to get services. For my case it has now taken two years since I started the process. On March this year (2020) I presented an original title and the required documents for a request of a discharge so that I could proceed with issues of a transfer of the said title to my name since I purchased the plot in 2014. I was told to go back after two weeks. when I went they said they had closed due to covid19.1 went back in July and they took the original slip asking me to make a copy and keep it incase they lost that. This has been the routine since July of making copies, camping there from 10am_4 pm with no feedback n making numerous copies. On Tuesday 29/09/20 I went there demanded to see the registrar and the assistant registrar came requested me to write my name and contact on the copy and promised to follow up to which that was the last I heard from him. I am planning to go there on Tuesday again. Please assist me as I fear this title may be lost in the process and we have already built and live on the plot since 2015 but it’s not under my name but under the vendors name. Since march they closed the gate and only those “significant” can get in while the common mwananchi is expected to request for the services through the fence. The mighty win while the weak get wasted by stress.

Jane Can be reached at 0735745686


Relevant Authorities should pick this matter and help suffering Kenyans.

CC the Minster in Charge of Land

Kenyan Anti-corruption Commission

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations

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