endarasha boys

Court Exonerates 11 Former Endarasha Boys Students Accused Of Murder

A Nyeri court has set free 11 Endarasha Boys students charged with the murder of two of their colleagues.

They were accused to setting a dormitory on fire back in 2010 leading to the deaths.

But justice Jairus Ngaah absolved the accused persons of any wrongdoing noting that the prosecution failed to prove their case.

Justice Ngaah ruled that evidence presented did not link the 11 to the incident.

endarasha boys
Endarasha Boys High School. [Courtesy]
“In the ultimate, the prosecution case failed, not necessarily because some of the accused persons may be innocent, but because the investigations were poorly conducted and therefore it is not possible for this court to pick the perpetrators of this heinous crime,” ruled Justice Ngaah.

“…I come to the conclusion that the prosecution has failed to prove its case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt. Accordingly the accused are acquitted of both counts of murder.”

They were charged with the murder of Kennedy Karogo and Joseph Mwangi on October 17, 2010 in their dormitory.


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