Court Finds Two Westgate Terror Suspects Guilty, Frees One

The court have found two accused persons charged in the Westgate terror attack case guilty of conspiracy to commit a terrorist act. 

According to the evidence presented in court, the two, Mohammed Ahmed Abdi and Hussein Hassan Mustafa were found to have given support to a terrorist group. 

However, one of the accused Liban Abdullahi Omar was acquitted for lack of evidence. 

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi in his ruling on Tuesday, October 7, sid that the court had granted Liban the benefit of doubt as the evidence presented showed no connection to terror activities. 

“I give the second accused the benefit of doubt in communicating with his brother who was one of the attackers. Not everyone who speaks with the accused is guilty,” reads an excerpt from the ruling.

Liban Omar. Photo/Courtesy

Andayi ruled that the communication between Liban and his brother, who was one of the terrorists, does not prove that he conspired to attack Westgate Mall.  

The prosecution has asked the court to hold on to the issue of sentencing to allow the victims of the attack to write victim statements.  

The Court once again adjourned the judgement of the two accused citing time constraints. 

There was tight security at the Milimani law courts ahead of the expected judgement.   

ATPU officers were seen with their face masks on and guns ready as they roamed around and kept watch around the courts. 

The suspects had last month complained of harsh prison conditions while awaiting sentencing over the attack that left 67 dead in 2013. 

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