Magoha remains defiant

CS Magoha: There Will Be No National Exams for Class Eight and Form Four Students

The Ministry of Education led by CS George Magoha is against the calls to have KCSE and KCPE students return to school to sit their final examinations.

This comes even as Education Stakeholders are calling for the government to consider allowing the students to sit their national exams to avoid a scenario where they will be forced to repeat classes next year.

And even as the coronavirus cases in the country are dipping, experts are now asking the government to reopen schools, arguing that schools are safer for children.

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The ministry however says that it does not have the resources and the capacity to accommodate the over 1. 2 million class eight pupils who will move to secondary school.

“In standard 8 we have 1.2 million children waiting to take exams while in Form 4 we have 750,000, assuming that we were able to get them to do exams, what then happens to standard 8 because we do not have the capacity for them to go to the next class.” argued Magoha.

He further noted: “Even if we were to use the capacity in form 4, it will be almost 500,000

CS Magoha speaks on resumption of learning in schools
Education CS while on a tour of Wote Technical Training College in Makueni on Friday August 28. Image/Standard Media

children less. These are things that must be understood,”

Magoha was speaking during the National Covid-19 Virtual Conference organized by the Council of Governors.

Magoha’s sentiments comes only a few days after he said that schools might open earlier if the coronavirus cases continue to reduce.

While defending himself against accusations that the Ministry of Education lacks a proper plan for the resumption of learning, he noted that his decisions are mostly informed by the coronavirus cases in the country.

He further said that under the prevailing conditions, his Ministry will need more than 1 billion shillings to adequately give reusable facemasks for all school going children.

“I have been observing very carefully we are just about to reach 5%, it may look like we are flip-flopping, it is the virus that is flip-flopping,” argued the CS.

Magoha further insisted that: “It is not possible for someone to stand and say that we shall open tomorrow because those who have tried have rolled backwards,” he insisted.

Last week while on a tour of Makueni County to assess the level of preparedness for the resumption of learning in technical colleges, Magoha had said that the next three weeks will determine the resumption of learning in schools.

“We really must get our children to schools. We want to see whether we can reopen earlier and conditions will determine,”

“We are observing the curve and when it hits 5% in the next three weeks, we then can sit down and make hard decisions together” said Magoha.


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