cyrus oguna, covid-19

Gov’t Spokesperson Oguna COVID-19 Free, Narrates Near Death Experience With Virus

Government spokesperson Col. Cyrus Oguna has been COVID-19 free for one month now but the road to recovery, he has said, was challenging.

Taking to Twitter, Oguna explained that prior to his test coming back positive, he had tested negative thrice for the virus.

But it was he was taking a trip to the Coast that he felt fatigued and was sweating heavily. He however soldiered on and toured the region for three days and traveled back to Nairobi.

“In the space of almost one week at the coast, I visited Kilifi and Kwale Counties, before travelling back to Nairobi, only to leave again for Hola the very next day. I came back to Nairobi after three days, all this while, still nursing the symptoms,” he narrated.

At this point, he recounted, he sought medical help. His blood pressure was high and was still fatigued. The doctor ordered a COVID-19 test but the colonel thought it was a common cold owing to the July weather.

He was admitted due to the high blood pressure as he awaited his test results.

“Two days later, I was declared Covid-19 positive! Fortunately, my family members, tested later, were negative. However, my immediate concern was about tracing the other people I had come into close contact with,” he added.

Things took a downward spiral on the night that he received his results, he said. He was constantly short of breath prompting the medics to put him on heavy IV anti-biotics and supplemental oxygen for the entire period of his hospitalization.

“I was later informed that my lung function had been severely compromised due to acute Pneumonia, and that without oxygen, chances of survival would be remote.

“Even on oxygen, it was still extremely difficult to breathe, & any form of movement was unbearably painful, not only in the chest, but every other part of the body. Simple activity like turning around in bed was an undertaking. Soon, the little appetite I had left disappeared.”

cyrus oguna, covid-19
Government spokesperson Col. (RTD) Cyrus Oguna. [Courtesy]
Soon after, the government was hearing incomprehensible voices and could barely walk. One day, he remembered, he could not walk back to his bed after his body gave out.

“Even if I tried, no sound would come out. I simply sat in there, not knowing what would happen next. Then an angel came. A comrade in arms; Warrant Officer Wycliffe Tanui heard the groaning and came to check. He helped me to get up and back to my bed.

“I believe God sent him to me, and I trust that it is because of him that I am able to share this experience. I later learned that during that period, the doctors were very concerned about my progress. Being a Covid-19 patient in hospital can be tough,” he wrote.

A month later, Colonel Oguna has learnt that contact tracing remains a critical strategy for intervention and control of the pandemic and seeking treatment in the earlier days is very important.


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