David Murathe dares Ruto to quit Jubilee

David Murathe Fires Back, Dares Ruto to Quit Jubilee

Days after Deputy President William Ruto told Citizen TV that a cable of busybodies have hijacked the ruling party, Vice Chairman David Murathe has fired back, saying that Ruto is a deeply frustrated man.

The former Gatanga Mp has said that Jubilee top leadership stopped Ruto from a total takeover of the party which then led to complete breakdown of relationship between party officials and the DP.

This was the first time that the DP had publicly acknowledged that all is not well in Jubilee, and that his 2022 ambition in the party was under threat.

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And in a classic clap back against the DP, Murathe has said that more is yet to come as he dared him to quit Jubilee.

“Mambo bado, hii ni kionjo tu. You wait, atajua hajui (The game has yet to start, what you have seen is only a test run. We’ll prove to him that he’s not as smart as he thinks),”

On the hatched plan by the DP to install loyalists to lead the decision making organ of the

Deputy president William Ruto in an interview with Citizen's Joe Ageyo
Deputy president William Ruto in an interview with Citizen’s Joe Ageyo. Image/Courtesy

party, Murathe said: “he manipulated nomination process to hand a number of candidates sympathetic to his State House ambition Jubilee tickets”.

“The DP had been positioning his people strategically. They were going to organise some sham grassroots election the way they rigged the party nomination, install their own people all the way from constituency to county levels so that once national party organs are convened, they endorse him as the candidate,” Murathe said.

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“We had to rescue the party from such machination.”

In an interview with Joe Ageyo of Citizen Tv on Thursday Ruto said that Jubilee party had been hijacked by conmen and brokers.

He said that party vice-chairman David Murathe is leading the brokers behind the hijacking of the party.

Asked on what will happen if he loses the control of the party to the likes of Murathe, his reply in Swahili was tacit: kuvunjika kwa mwiko si mwisho wa upishi.

“If it becomes completely hopeless and Jubilee is hijacked by these brokers, then the Swahili say kuvunjika kwa mwiko si mwisho wa upishi.” Ruto charged during the interview.


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