DCI Boss George Kinoti.

DCI George Kinoti Reveals Police Officer Allegedly Behind Senator Malala’s Assassination Plot

Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti has unmasked one of the police officers alleged to have been trailing Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala over a possible assassination.

Speaking on Wednesday 23rd September, when he appeared before the Senate Security Committee, Kinoti stated that a search through the National Police Service database found one police officer whose name appears in the list of individuals Senator Malala accused of trying to assassinate him.

It Doesn't Make Sense” – DCI Kinoti Reacts To Senator Malala's 'Police Hit squad' Allegations
A photo collage of Senator Malala and DCI boss Kinoti. Photo/Courtesy

“A search through the national police personnel database found one police officer namely, David Gutea Ingutia whose name appears in the list of the alleged special services assassination squad as it appears in the complained letter.,” he revealed.

Kinoti also stated that the officer is currently stationed at the Thika police station under the KPLC company and has never served in the DCIas alleged by the senator.

“He is employed under the Kenya Police Service where he is currently stationed at Thika Police station and attached to Kenya Power and Lighting Company. It was also established that the officer has never served in the DCI. He hails from Kakamega county where Malala is the Senator,” stated Kinoti

The DCI boss also added that the investigations revealed that the officer has never had any bad blood or relationship with Senator Malala, adding that the allegations have caused the officer and his family public ridicule, emotional and psychological trauma.

He also denied claims that the officer had been issued with the Ceska pistol as alleged by the senator.

“A search through files at the police station revealed that the officer has never been issued with a Ceska pistol within the period alleged.

He however revealed that the names of other alleged officers could not be traced in their files.

“A search through the DCI personnel data could not find any of the alleged purported police officers’ names given in the complaint letter. The alleged assassination squad does not exist in the Special Services Unit and, by extension, the DCI.” he added.

At the same time, Kinoti communicated that Malala lied about having a meeting at La Mada hotel and the motor vehicle the senator claims to have trailed him to the hotel has never visited the premises.

The DCI stated that the review of the CCTV footage at the Hotel La Mada did not collaborate with Senator Malala’s claims.

“Investigators also visited Hotel La Mada and were furnished with entry/exit register for the last 3 months, were allowed to assess CCTV footage capturing motor vehicles in question, and the hotel availed an employee to record a statement…”

He said Malala should be arrested for giving out misleading and ill-intended allegations, adding that he should also apologize to the members of the Special Service Unit for the allegations impacted on their character assassination.



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